We teach Dissociative Identity Disorder systems how to live their best lives as a team.

If your system has ever felt overwhelmed, hopeless, and confused, we understand! While we're not medical professionals, we have lived it. We know what it's like to struggle with the memory gaps, the triggers, and alters that seem out of control.

We're dedicated to creating resources to help D.I.D. systems live their best lives. This includes things like learning how to meet and relate to your headmates, getting your system on the same page, building an incredible internal landscape, and so much more!

"I can't believe my alters are getting along so well! I feel like we're a real family."

- The Tommy System

Hey! We're The System and The Council

As systems ourselves, we know firsthand what it's like to live with DID. Our systems used to be scared, confused, and disoriented. We felt like there was something irreversibly wrong with us and that we'd never live a "normal life".

But that's definitely not the case today! Now, our systems are a united and committed family that take care of each other. Each of our alters get to enjoy a wide variety of activities while fronting and every headmate knows that they're safe, wanted, and loved.

Want To Know Where To Start?

With all of the courses and bundles and coaching available, picking the right one can be really confusing! For most systems, the best place to start is"The DID Foundation Bundle: How To Turn Your System Into A United And Loving Family Even If You Can't Get Therapy".With this bundle, you'll get the most bang for your buck and you'll learn all of the essential skills to turn your system into a loving family. You'll also get some really legit freebies that your system will love! Check it out here.

Membership Program

Every month, we release a new video that will help solve problems that are unique to living with DID. These videos are available for individual purchase but if you like saving money (and who doesn't, right?) you can grab yourself a membership to get access to all past videos! Learn more about the membership here.