Do you ever wish you could get some advice for your system?

Don't get us wrong; blogs and videos can be super helpful! But sometimes you just want help with something really specific. That's where 1:1 coaching can make an amazing difference! In a coaching session, you'll...

  • Talk with a D.I.D. system that "gets it"
  • Have the freedom to discuss your unique DID related situation
  • Brainstorm possibilities that could work for your situation
  • Get tips and tricks for implementing new solutions

Your situation does have a solution and we can help you find it!

About Our Prices And Schedule

As much as we'd absolutely love to help every system that reaches out to us, we currently have limited time available for coaching. As of right now, we have six one hour time slots available every month. (Hopefully we'll be able to add more soon!) Because of this, we will schedule appointments with systems in the order that their forms are approved.

Four of the six sessions each month will be available for $100. The other two sessions will be "pay what you can" for systems that need some financial assistance. You'll be able to select which option you'd like when you fill out the form.

**If you have the financial means and the desire to sponsor coaching sessions for systems with financial limitations, please email us at [email protected]*

Are You Ready To Work Together?

We sure hope so! Before we can get started, we need to know a few things about your system so we can best serve you. Please fill out the form and email it to us at [email protected]. Once your system has been approved, we'll send you a link to check out and pick your appointment time!