We teach Dissociative Identity Disorder systems how to live their best lives as a team.

If your system has ever felt overwhelmed, hopeless, and confused, we understand! While we're not medical professionals, we have lived it. We know what it's like to struggle with the memory gaps, the triggers, and alters that seem out of control.

We're dedicated to creating resources to help D.I.D. systems live their best lives. This includes things like learning how to meet and relate to your headmates, getting your system on the same page, building an incredible internal landscape, and so much more!

"I can't believe my alters are getting along so well! I feel like we're a real family."

- The Tommy System

Hey! We're The System and The Council

As systems ourselves, we know firsthand what it's like to live with DID. Our systems used to be scared, confused, and disoriented. We felt like there was something irreversibly wrong with us and that we'd never live a "normal life".

But that's definitely not the case today! Now, our systems are a united and committed family that take care of each other. Each of our alters get to enjoy a wide variety of activities while fronting and every headmate knows that they're safe, wanted, and loved.

Foundation Courses

These are the core courses that will lead to your system having a solid foundation as a team. If you don't think you want or need everything in "The DID Foundation Bundle", check out this flow chart to see which course is best for your system! If you have any questions, email us at [email protected] and we'll point you in the right direction!

How To Set Your System Up For A Functional And Happy Life Even If You Don't Know Your Alters Yet

How To Connect With All Of Your Headmates In Just One Week Even If You Can't Get Therapy

The Step By Step Process For Creating An Internal Home And Culture That Your Whole Headspace Will Love

How Your System Can Live A Unified Life Without Integrating

The No-Nonsense Guide To Controlling Dissociative Symptoms As A United Headspace