Is your system ready to leave the past behind?

When you have DID, it can often feel like trauma triggers are everywhere and that healing is impossible. Thankfully, that's not true! Your system can learn to move past your traumas. In this course, you'll learn how to...

  • Change your mindset so you're ready to release your pain
  • Lessen the frequency of triggers
  • Reduce the intensity of triggers
  • Remove triggers completely
  • Start to see all feelings as valid
  • Begin to feel safe expressing ALL emotions
  • Prevent new triggers from building up

This can all happen and we're here to show your system how!

Your system can be free from the triggers holding you to the past. In this course, you'll learn how to...

Get Your System Ready And Willing To Let Go Of Old Thought Patterns And Traumas
Unpack And Limit Triggers Until They're Practically Nonexistent While Respecting All Emotions

How To Express All Emotions And Prevent Future Trauma Triggers

This probably isn't the right course for you if...

Your system isn't stable yet.

In order for your system to safely take this course, it's critical that you and your headmates all have a baseline of safety inside and outside of the headspace.

This means that, at the bare minimum, your system is not being abused or harmed in ANY WAY inside or outside of the headspace.

Your system hasn't learned a few things.

Before your system takes this course, it's important that you all have a handful of skills. Here are the things your system needs to know how to confidently do before taking this course:

  • Every alter needs to know each other and at least tolerate each other
  • Every headmate needs to be safe inside of the headspace
  • Each alter needs to know how to do the basics of fronting in case they have to front for one reason or another
  • Your system needs to be able to switch on command and control coconsciousness

If your system is missing any of these skills, please check out our other courses before taking this one. Safety first!

You and your alter's aren't negatively effected by triggers at all.

If your system doesn't experience any negative effects from triggers, that's incredible! We're so happy for you all! Please consider sharing some of your tips with us by contacting us here.

This course is perfect for your system if...

Your system has the essentials down pat and you're looking for the next step.

If your system is working as a loving team and you're all in a safe place, this course will help you to tackle the past. This way, your system can keep all of your focus on the bright future ahead!

You and your alters are frequently negatively effected by triggers.

If trauma triggers are preventing your system from living the life you want, this course will help! By the end, your system will be well on your way to eliminating triggers and preventing them from reforming!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're certain that this course is going to change your system for the better! If you're not satisfied with the course within 30 days, we'll give you a full refund.